Saturday, 15 January 2011

Richard Carvath - The Disgusting, Vile, Bigot of a man

Today started like any normal day, alarm 1 goes off, then alarm 2, then alarm 3, all of them dutifully snoozed approximately 3 times. Get out of bed, shower, shave, brush teeth, coffee, cigarette.

Never did I think that I would be involved in what was to ensue.

It was brought to my attention a blog from Richard Carvath this blog was on a tweet from Chris Billett so I decided to have a read.

I was mortified, by the second paragraph I knew I wasn't going to want to read the rest of it, but I did.

What happened? Anger, rose up inside me, I had been politely requested to RT this hate and bile to try and get the word out of this despicable man who shouldn't be able to class himself as a human being.

I wondered what to do... Re-tweet it, to everyone I know, and all day to talk and to inform people. Along the way I have met people who have questioned why I would want to advertise him. I answer thus, he has already advertised himself using the platform of his blog, now is the time to 'Rally round the troops', to inform the correct people to have him stopped.

I don't think that he realises at just how many people he has offended. It is not just Gay people but straight people are absolutely horrified as well. I am a straight male and take great offence to the way that he talks, not only because it is derogatory but it also disrespects some of my closest friends of whom i love dearly. If you disrespect my friend, you disrespect me. If you pick on a minority you pick on me.

You can not go around calling people who have same sex relationships "homosexual-perverts" as he refers to them. The hatred he tries to create only backfires as we take it and fire it back at him.

Gay people according to him are "generally riddled with disease - from HIV to syphilis to hepatitis etc - as a result of their sodomitical activities" where is he sourcing his information?! Horror and disgust fills me every time I think of it but I just use this feel to fight against him.

He is a member of the conservative party and had stood for election, he now wants to stand for his local community in Parliament. This can not be allowed to happen. His hate and bile can not be allowed to spread. He must apologise for the things that he has said.

I full agree to free speech and I will always fight for that right but when you abuse that right and use it to slander the minority I will not stand for it!

Hatred is still here, it still exists and it needs to be stopped.

Thanks must go to all of those people that have RT'ed the message and have helped spread the word, I have been so happy by the responses and that so many people are helping to stop this man.

You can report offense on his blog, you can e-mail the Prime Minister of which I have already done and you can also use 

Thank you everyone, thank you to Chris Billett and please all continue to stop the hate.

If you wish to read another blog on the bigot please read my very good friend Chris Billett's

Hope not hate, that is all we want.

But heed these words Richard Carvath, we are here, we will not stop until you are


  1. Brilliant Post Chris, I'll cross post to you from my blog (where Chris posted).



  2. Not sure writing to Cameron will do any good.

    The "homosexual-pervert" Matthew Sephton was the tory candidate in Salford and Eccles at the last election.

    Carvath was an independent candidate who stood in the same constituency. He's also a blotchy faced, bigoted, f@ck-wit. (I'm referring to Carvath there and not Cameron, although they share many attributes.)